About HZA

Founded in 1996, HZA Engineering has more than 20 years of electrical and mechanical experience across Alaska. We understand that conditions and climates vary statewide, from the North Slope to the Aleutian Islands.

Our Philosophy

HZA approaches each new project with the time and patience to make each project run smoothly, while meeting budget, timeline and sustainability objectives. We believe in taking the time to do a project right the first time and therefore eliminating time delays and budget increases during the build process.

Our Values

We believe in engineering solutions for each individual project. We have worked on projects of all sizes, from integrating individual equipment to existing buildings and new constructions that are larger than 300,000 square feet. HZA empowers our staff through continuing education opportunities. This, paired with an open design process allows us to stay on top of the latest industry technology and primed to coordinate ideas into a cohesive design.

Whatever the size and scope, HZA Engineering is ready to turn your vision into a reality.


  • Experienced staff; 100+ years combined P.E. experience
  • Practical field experience
  • Quality vs. quantity; budget-conscious designs
  • Clear and concise documents; little to no change orders
  • Active participation by Owners/Partners
  • Cooperative attitude; design and construction
  • Reputation for quality plans and accurate specifications
  • Made in Alaska: Seven engineers are University of Alaska graduates
  • Repeat clientele; unsolicited work
  • 3,000+ completed projects