Client Testimonials

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HZA provides a wholistic approach to design-build projects, always navigating a delicate balance of system performance, constructability, customer requirements, and budget. Their ability to manage collaboration from multiple disciplines, attention to detail, and communication style is second to none.

Ryan Kabat

Senior Account Manager, Siemens Industry

HZA provides exceptional engineering design and consultation support to the local construction community. Their attention to detail, prompt response to correspondence, outstanding work ethic, constant willingness to go the extra mile, and eagerness to aid in achieving a project’s success are second to none.

Mel Weeks

President, Patrick Mechanical LLC

Given what I know today about HZA’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.
Andrew Pohl

Mechanical Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers

HZA Engineering has been an exceptional firm to work with. It’s difficult to find fault in their work and they’ve contributed to the continued success of our UMCS program at Fort Wainwright. They are highly recommended for design-build mechanical projects and engineering/design services in general.

Corey Richardson

Operations Manager, UMCS, Siemens Industry

HZA Engineering has consistently performed exceptionally in every way. Their designs are well reasoned complete systems that consistently meet the diverse needs of the customer. Their support of the contracting team and the customer with innovative solutions and quick responses is appreciated by all and has earned the respect and the confidence of the customer.

Greg Van’t Land

Project Manager, UMCS, Siemens Industry

HZA provided excellent quality of work. The report of its work is detailed, accurate and easy to read and understand. The team members are experts in this highly specialized type of work and are all very cooperative and very responsive to COE requests for status or other information on the project. HZA provided excellent cost control on this contract and has maintained its cost within the awarded amounts. HZA managed the contract very well. Its members are all experts in this field and all are very sensitive to USACE requirements and requests for information and updates on progress.
Jose Oquendo

Project Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers

HZA Engineering has continued to be an invaluable resource on our UMCS projects in Alaska. Building 662 in particular is a fully occupied building with limited space above grid and in mech rooms for renovations but HZA designed all mechanical rework that fit perfectly and resulted in a successful project and very satisfied end users.
Deborah Hewitt

Project Manager, UMCS, Siemens Industry

HZA and their subcontractor have been key to the successful testing and acceptance of the complex mechanical systems on a reduced timeline. The expertise provided has minimized the time to test, troubleshoot and commission systems key to national defense. I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.
Brent Goering

Mechanical Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers

I have had the pleasure of working with HZA Engineering as an owner’s representative for Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium on several projects and would like to acknowledge and commend their outstanding work performed on the APU Atwood Hall Domestic Hot Water/Kitchen Hood Upgrades. Over the years, HZA Engineering has repeatedly shown only professionalism, trustworthiness, and dependability in all our dealings with them.
Agneta Kupilik

Mechanical Engineer, ANTHC Strategic Access

HZA was instrumental in providing advice regarding interior and exterior lighting density, maintenance bay air handling unit assumptions, full-year weather data, etc. This turned out to be a successful collaboration of effort and I have learned a few more tricks when developing 90.1 energy models. HZA was very flexible in discussing and contractually adjusting delivery dates to better align with shifting design delivery dates and design revisions. HZA was very good at maintaining communications with the Government with regard to schedules and modelling needs. I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.
Brian Taylor

Mechanical Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers